It's easy for all your good intentions to slide, but our top tips will get you back on track!

It’s easy for all your good intentions to slide, but our top tips will get you back on track!

It’s the time of year when resolutions begin to slide and old habits to reassert. Hopefully our 6 tips to help you keep your resolutions are helping you.

But if you’ve fallen off the band wagon, here are some tips to help you get back on it.

Step 1: Revisit

Go back to your resolutions. This isn’t an exercise in making you feel bad about what you haven’t managed – this is about re-evaluation.

  • Did you have too many resolutions? Changing one thing at a time is much easier than a complete overnight change!
  • Were all of those resolutions your resolutions? It’s easy to add “get fit” or “lose weight” because that’s what the media is full of this year. But you should make your resolutions personal and then you are more likely to stick to them.
  • Cut back on your list – this time focusing on what you want to do. If you’d rather learn Italian than lose weight, do that!

Step 2: Reframe

Looking at the list can be dispiriting, especially as we are tempted to write goals that are so vague you never know if you’ve achieved them!

  • Give yourself fun goals and delete the boring ones – after all, which are you more likely to follow through on?
  • Turn vague and painful goals like “lose weight” or “get fit” into dream goals – commit to taking up something you’ve always wanted to do instead. Take a dance class or take up rowing. Fulfil a lifelong dream and reach your goals!

Step 3: Get tech savvy

There is a wealth of inspiration on the world wide web – get involved, but remember not to use it as a procrastination technique!

  • Pinterest. Pin your favourite inspirational quotes, new work outs to try, new recipes or workout outfits!
  • Twitter. Share your intentions with your followers. You could even create your own hashtag!
  • Facebook. Let your friends know what you’re doing. Ask for work out buddies, or create a fun event to do with your resolution – want to see more of your friends and take up a new hobby, organise a craft party!
  • Instagram. Post pictures of yourself and follow likeminded users. For example, there’s a great yoga community on Instagram, who post tutorials, progress shots, challenges and competitions. Check out the #fitspo tag.

There are many ways to help you stick to your resolutions, but ultimately it is about how much you want it. So make sure your resolutions are about what you want, not what you think you should want.

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