The many uses of therabandWhether you call them Therabands, Dynabands, fit-bands, rehab-bands or exercise bands, we call them FAB: Fantastic Anytime Bands.

Massage therapist, Nicky McClean looks at why they really are a fab piece of kit.

Why are Therabands so useful?

The great thing about Therabands is they are so portable, so small enough to fit in your pocket and adjustable for use anywhere. You don’t need to be near a gym – just one metre of band can be used for resistance work on every part of your body.

They work for:

  • Rehabilitation of damaged muscles.
  • Strengthening (you can increase resistance by tightening or doubling up band and upgrade from static to dynamic movements).
  • Toning.
  • Keeping up muscle strength while on holiday or a business trip when you’re far from a gym.

How can I use Therabands?

  1. If you place one end securely under your foot and hold the other end under tension, you can do biceps curls and abduction (trapezius, supraspinatus and mid deltoids).
  2. Tie one end to a door handle and try lateral and medial, anterior and posterior flexion (infraspinatus/teres minor, subscapularis/teres major, ant and post deltoids muscles) strengthening exercises.
  3. Find a chest-high hook somewhere for pecs and rhomboids contractions.
  4. Tie a large knot in one end, throw over open door, shut door and you have lats pull down and triceps exercises.

And that’s just for the upper body. Come into The Forge and let us show you how to use the band on every part of the body.

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