We’ve all had them, that very particularly Monday groaning response to the alarm clock. Waking up feeling a world away from next weekend, but so close to last weekend you can almost touch it.

Yes, we’ve all been there and I’m sure we’d all like to prevent the Monday Morning Blues as much as possible. While we can’t guarantee we can have you bouncing out of bed on a Monday morning, we do have some tips to make your Monday morning go as smoothly as possible.

  • Prepare. Much as you’d like to pretend that Monday morning will never come, it will. So use your Sunday evening effectively. Pack your bag, prepare your lunch and get your outfit ready for the next day. There you go – three things ticked off your Monday morning to-do list already!
  • Get an early night. If you’ve had late nights on Friday and Saturday, get an early night on Sunday. Tempting though it may be to stay up a little later and prolong your week, feeling tired the next day won’t help your mood, so start your good weekday habits now. Curl up in bed with a good book and a cup of chamomile tea and ease yourself gently out of your weekend.
  • Get up in plenty of time. Again, you might want to prolong your weekend by hitting the snooze button more often than is wise. But that’s just setting you up for missed buses and mad dashes to work. Get up in plenty of time (you’ve already saved ten minutes by preparing the night before) to get to work.
  • Treat yourself. Do something on a Monday morning that you never do the rest of the week. Maybe treat yourself to a decadent breakfast bagel on your way into work or a cup of your favourite coffee. Make it something you’ll look forward to on a Monday morning.