While we get back in our post-holiday routines and some of our team are busily preparing to send their children back to school in September – we’d like to urge you to stop for a moment!

There is only just over a week left in August and, while the weather hasn’t been promising, we’d like to encourage you to take time from your busy schedule and enjoy the last few weeks of summer, before the swift plummet into autumn and winter.

Here at the Forge, we treat injuries, aches and pains, but we are also focused on helping our patients into a healthier frame of mind too. While it’s good to push yourself, to move and use your body, your body also needs rest. It’s also good for you – and your friends and family – to take time to enjoy the moment.

Here are some ideas fore enjoying the last days of the summer holidays – even if it is raining!

  • Don your wet weather gear and go puddle jumping with your family! Even if you don’t have the excuse of having children with you, we’d encourage you to go for a walk on your lunch break. Bring your wellies and indulge in some puddle jumping yourself – you’ll get back to the office glowing and ready to get on with the afternoon!
  • Richmond is full of beautiful parks and interesting side streets. Take a long walk and catch up with a friend while you get some fresh air – then find somewhere new for coffee!
  • Have a family MOT. Book online to get any niggles checked out now, before the rush of school and back-to-work.
  • Make a commitment for autumn. Thanks to September being the start of the school year, it often still has a ‘new year’ feeling for us adults. If you’ve wanted to try something new for a while – be it running, or acupuncture – have a chat with friends and family now, to see how this can be fitted into your daily schedule. It might mean making regular childcare arrangements with your partner or a running date with a friend. Get it in the diary now!
  • Think about what you’d like to try again before the summer’s out. Your children might want just one more visit to the ice cream van, you might be longing for another massage. Decide what one last treat you’d like before the end of the summer and arrange it!