MusicWe all need some motivation when we’re working out. Some people focus on smashing their last PB, others focus on their alignment rather than the burn when lifting.

But sometimes we need something to lift our exercise routine out of the “work” zone. And that’s where music comes in…


  • Timing. Create a playlist of 10 of your favourite songs. Songs tend to run for about 3mins so you’re creating a workout that will last about half an hour.
  • Choose the right song. Be wary of adding slow songs to your workout playlist. You want high tempo, inspirational lyrics that are going to get your legs pumping like never before. Focus on songs that make you want to move rather than songs that make you want to sit and let them wash over you.
  • Set up. Take some time over the order of your playlist. Put the songs that really make you want to move towards the end, when you might be flagging. It’s also a great idea to add a couple of extras to the beginning of your playlist, to give you the nudge to get up and out the door in the first place!
  • Switch it up. Change it regularly. There’s nothing like listening to the same thing day in, day out to bore you and a playlist can quickly lose its motivational properties. So whenever you discover a new song, swap that into your playlist to keep things fresh.
  • Get recommendations. Ask friends, family and colleagues what their favourite work out tunes are – you might find some new music to enjoy!