photoContinuing her posture series, today massage therapist Nicky McClean looks at driving posture. If you want more posture tips, see her blogs on standing posture and desk posture.

Driving is one of the ways many people first begin to experience back pain. Some people tend to slump back into the seat and clutch the steering wheel. Others slump over the wheel. Neither is good for you!

However, driving is an essential part of many people’s lives – for getting to and from work, taking the children to school and picking up the weekly shop. So the best we can do is improve our driving posture as much as possible, so this habit does not cause pain.

Here are six great tips to improve your posture when driving:

  1. Adjust your seat back for support – use lumbar roll if necessary.
  2. Seat adjusted so knees lower than thighs. This prevents the “bucket” posture that is so bad for you!
  3. Place your hands at 4.20pm on the steering wheel. Your elbows should be tucked in to waist and your hands relaxed on the wheel – no clutching!
  4. Use the headrest. All too often we lean away from it, but instead slide the back of your head up it to retract the chin.
  5. Try not to reach behind or across seat to lift heavy bags. Load the car first and aim to gather your belongings when you get out of the car, not before.
  6. When getting out of the car, pull in your stomach, swing legs and put both feet on ground before getting out.

Next week, in the last of her posture series, Nicky will be sharing a series of posture stretches.

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