While Christmas is definitely a time for fun with friends and family, it also a time of year when gifts are exchanged in a flurry of wrapping paper. We’re sure you’ll love he presents you receive as much as you love to give them.

Here at the Forge, we asked the team what they really want for Christmas…

Nikki, one of our receptionists, would like a puppy. But her boyfriend wouldn’t approve!

Our other receptionist extraordinaire, Vicky, would like a massage from Jackie and for all her friends, family and Forge family to have a great Christmas.

Alan, one of our osteopaths, would like another year of peace and goodwill at the Forge. He’d also like a dog, but he’s aware they’re not just for Christmas.

Nicky, our rowing enthusiast and massage therapist, would like some pogies – they are gloves which you slide over your oars to keep your hands and fingers toasty warm while rowing on winter mornings!

Our nutritional therapist Julie would like Wheat Belly by William Davis, a recipe book that includes recipes excluding all grains (if she gets this, Nikki would like a peek!)

Chiropractor Jean Luc is attempting to install a new mentality of less is more in his children so he would like harmony, family and good health for his friends and family. After all, without our health, we have nothing.

Our DIY-loving acupuncturist Maureen would like a completed bathroom as she’s had enough of working on it!

Federico, osteopath and physiotherapist, would like family and friends to be healthy always and a free pass to visit his family in Rome whenever he likes.

Massage therapist Jackie would actually like her own full body massage, along with a facial, trip to a great hairdressers – the works! She also wouldn’t mind a personal trainer who could get her through the London Marathon in under 3 hours!

Osteopath Jerome wishes for even more of this wonderful feeling he gets when he manages to help people get better and turn their lives around.