First 10k

A little while ago, we told you about Clinic Director Husam Fakhry’s determination to get running again! You can read all about his injury and how he got back on his feet here.

Recently, Husam moved up from 5k runs to 10ks! He did two over successive weeks and is proud to say that he improved on his second run. The beauty of regular race running is that you can track your progress and see that you are always improving.

He ran his first 10k on Sunday 18th May. He was able to enjoy full sunshine and nice country runs. He held a steady pace and did not stop once. Not only were his ankle and back fine throughout the run, they were also fine the next morning. Husam completed this 10k – his first since his injury a year ago – in 1 hour and 3 mins, so of course his goal for his next 10k is to beat that time and come in under 1 hour!

His next 10k took place the following Sunday, 25th May. He beat his previous time, but just missed coming in under the hour mark – completing in 1 hour and 42 seconds. It was a busy race though and Husam is sure he could have shaved off those last few seconds and finished in under the hour if he wasn’t weaving and overtaking other runners for much of the race. According to his GPS watch, all this weaving meant he ran 100 yards more than the 10k!

Despite this slight disappointment, he is very happy with his time. As he should be as this is only his third race of the year!

He felt that this race was much better than the week before (perhaps the glorious weather helped?!). One more week Second 10kof training may also have helped and the weather was slightly cooler. The course was flatter which always makes for a faster time! As this was his second race, he didn’t have to worry about his injury – he already knew that he could complete it and was therefore able to push harder towards the end of the race.

Husam always feels that the adrenaline of running in a large race helps and this time he was running with around 17,000 people. Being surrounded by so many others striving to do their very best is bound to inspire you to push that little bit further.

Taking care of your body when you regularly take part in events is key. Husam was sure to stretch well before the races and booked himself in for a massage the day before the second race to loosen and stretch the muscles. We’re sure this helped towards his new Personal Best!