It’s easy to blame technology for our more sedentary lifestyles, but technology can also help us towards healthier lifestyles. Our phones are one of the only items we always have with us – whether at home, work, the gym or out to lunch with friends – which makes your phone the best place for keeping track of your health goals.

Here are some of our favourites:

My Fitness Pal is an app where you can track calories consumed and calories burnt. You can set how much weight you want to lose and in what space of time and the app will calculate your daily calorie intact accordingly. You can also see a nutritional breakdown of what you’ve eaten and share your goals with friends. It’s a great motivator and handy to have everything all in one place.

Find running boring? Try the Zombies, Run app which turns your run into a game. Choose your mission and outrun the zombies. You won’t even know you’re exercising!

If you already have a Fitbit wristband, don’t forget to download the Fitbit app to keep track of all the data it collects.

Lots of runners and cyclists recommend Strava, which is focused on the community it has created. You can use the GPS in your phone to compare your times to other people, who have run or cycled the same route. If you are a loner runner or cyclist, this is a great way to push yourself and feel like you’re part of a larger team.

Runtastic is a similar app which allows you to track your exercise, using your phone’s built in GPS. If you update to the paid for Pro version, you can access routes and interval training. The voiceover is a great motivator!

If you’re concerned about food allergies, we always recommend seeing a professional. Our Nutritional Therapist Julie can help you. However, when seeing a nutritional therapist, it’s helpful to provide as much information as possible. The My Symptoms app allows you to log everything you’ve eaten, as well as any symptoms you experienced. These are logged according to time, so can help your practitioner a great deal.

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