Chiropractic Adjustment Using Arthrostim

Chiropractic Adjustment Using Arthrostim

Today we’re going to break down a typical Chiropractic treatment for you, so that you have an idea of what to expect in your appointment. Please note, however, that as each patient is different, each treatment will be slightly different and tailored to your specific needs. This blog, from our Chiropractor, Jean Luc Lafitte will give you a good idea of what to expect in general.


The first thing that Jean Luc needs to find out is where the current pain you’re experiencing is coming from. Depending on the area, this gives him a clue as to which part of the nervous system has been injured.

The skill in identifying this is not as apparent as it may first appear. For example, a shoulder pain may can be aggravated because the upper body is leaning away from pain in the lower back, and the upper back is compensating.

Jean Luc performs a series of tests so he can ascertain the nature and location of the cause. However, if he feels further tests, such as an MRI or X-rays, are required before he feels happy to treat you, then he will ask you to return to your GP for this.

Jean Luc will also look at your hands, fingernails, and tongue to see if the treatment can be supported with nutritional changes. This of course should first be with making changes to your diet, but he may also suggest you take supplements.


Jean Luc tailors the treatment to your own specific pain, and this is where his twenty-plus years of experience comes in. For example, he cannot treat a six-week-old baby and a ninety-year-old person in the same way.

One of the main advantages in the way he treats is that he uses different equipment, and also his hands to get the best results. If at any point if you are uncomfortable with any of the instruments he uses, he can adapt the treatment without the instrument. Jean Luc also works with the muscles to relax the area of pain or discomfort and may also suggest you see one of our other therapists, such as an acupuncturist or massage therapist, for further treatment.

The clicking sound that is often associated with Chiropractic treatment is called a HVT adjustment. This sound does not actually come from the bones – a common misconception – but is actually the expansion of compressed body gases nitrogen and oxygen. This happens because the joints can get stuck or compressed, and this lack of movement and pressure on the nerves is what causes the pain.


After treatment, which lasts from half an hour to forty minutes, Jean Luc suggests you have at least forty eight hours to allow your body to heal. This is why he only treats a patient once a week.

The average amount of treatment a person will require is four treatments for an acute problem. The amount of treatments needed, of course, varies depending on the patient and the problem, so please be aware that this is an average only. Once you are pain-free, Jean Luc will usually suggest you see him four times a year for check-ups, as he believes life can – and does! – stress the body on a daily basis. Getting a check up four times a year can help keep you in good shape and this way you may catch a problem before it develops too much – prevention, as always, is better than cure.

Some patients ask if they can see him monthly, or every two months. This is absolutely fine and, of course, totally dependent on your individual needs. Jean Luc, as a great family man himself, likes treating families as a healthy family is a happy family.