In the last of our series of blogs on Chiropractic treatment, we look at the tools that Chiropractor Jean Luc Lafitte uses in his treatment.

He uses two main tools:

Arthrostim and Hands On


This is the main tool that Jean Luc uses in his treatments and was developed specifically for Chiropractors. It works by pulsating at 12 beats a second and is designed to gently pulsate the bone in the direction you want it to go. While it can look intimidating and the sensation is unusual, the Arthrostim should not cause pain. If you do feel any discomfort, let Jean Luc know and he will stop immediately.

The advantage of the Arthrostim is that the pulse can be altered to the patients sensitivity and it also allows the direction of the adjustment to be very specific. Jean Luc usually uses a combination of Arthrostim adjustments and his hands. Jean Luc believes that the Arthrostim gives him greater accuracy.



Jean Luc also uses hands on adjustments and can use his hands instead of the Arthrostim if you prefer, it will just mean approaching the body at a different angle.

Though modern developments have seen the invention of more adjustment instruments,and though many Chiropractors use these tools, such as the Arthrostim, all Chiropractors are all trained in the conventional style using our hands. While Jean Luc uses and believes in the accuracy of the Arthrostim he still thinks that the human touch is and will always be the most sensitive adjustment tool.