FamilyAfter yesterday’s post on pregnancy, we thought it was important to remind you that we also treat your little ones too!

As you know, one of our osteopaths, Stephanie James, is currently studying Paediatric Osteopathy at the Foundation of Paediatric Osteopathy. This is a two year post-graduate course that focuses on the needs of 0-18 year olds.

For babies, we offer cranial osteopathy. This is used to treat babies who, for various reasons, have been born with an irregularly shaped head. This irregularity can cause great discomfort for the baby and though most heads will return to normal, cranial osteopathy can help speed up the process. Stephanie has treated premature babies in their incubators, so you don’t have to worry about your child being too young for the treatment

Older children are usually very curious and this can often lead to bumps and bruises! We have great experience in treating young children after falls or broken bones, to ensure they’re back to their mischievous best as soon as possible!

We work with a great many teenagers who play sport to help them recover quickly from injury. We are also able to advise them how to avoid injury in their sport in the future. Adolescence is a tricky time and can be very stressful. As well as dealing with any physical injuries, we also offer:

  • Nutritional Therapy: We can help your child deal with any allergies or food intolerances they have now and help them create healthy habits that will last a lifetime.We can help you adapt your weekly menus to cover your family’s needs and support dietary changes that may help skin problems, anxiety, weight loss and inflammatory conditions. Our nutritionist is like an investigator and will help establish underlying causes of symptoms so your body can be given the nutrition it needs to heal itself.
  • AcupunctureThis therapy is a great way of relieving stress and dealing with the emotional pressures of growing up.
  • Massage TherapyNot only is this a great therapy for young sportsmen and women, it’s an excellent way to deal with stress.

While we offer a host of treatments for children, young people and pre- and post-natal women, all of our treatments are suitable for the men in your life too!

If you or any member of your family are interested in treatment at the Forge, you can call or book online.