Are you a runner bored of the same old urban trails? Or are you just not motivated by the idea of running around your local park or neighbourhood? Then perhaps you might like the idea of fell running…

Fell running is particularly popular in the beautiful Lake District, where races are run across the fells and you have to rely not only on your own fitness, but your ability to navigate and carry the necessary survival equipment.

Now, before we go any further – fell running is very intense and relies on a certain amount of fitness to begin with, so we would always recommend seeing your GP and having a thorough check up and getting medical advice before starting out.

But if you do get the go ahead, fell running can be incredibly exhilarating!

Be prepared
While this goes for a lot of things, this is especially true for fell running as you will have to carry survival equipment. While this sounds intimidating, it’s just a sensible precaution when running across terrain where you could easily trip and injure yourself. The organisers will always provide a list of things you’ll need to carry in your kit and you should double check that you have everything advised before you head off to the start line.

Do your research
If you’re based in Richmond, the fells are quite a way away, so it will entail a weekend away. This will include travel, somewhere to stay as well as the race entry fee. So we’d always advise you do your research before taking on a trip. Maybe try some hill running at home to see if you’d actually enjoy it first!

Love your locale
Lastly, as this is not a sport for the faint hearted, you will have to train for your fell running trips to ensure that you’re in good enough shape to tackle it and won’t fall prey to injury. Knowing that you’re working towards something you enjoy may be the motivation you need to run or cross train at home. Suddenly the hills in Richmond Park look like a fun challenge, don’t they?