After reading our first First Aid post, you might feel inspired to take a proper course. We would encourage you to do so as these are brilliant and life-saving skills. We particularly encourage this if you are a parent – children suffer so many falls and scrapes that knowing what to do when it’s serious is vital.

There are many courses you can take in and around your local area. The St John’s Ambulance Service is a great place to start. As all workplaces need a First Aider, we believe that all homes should have one too.

In the second of our First Aid posts, we look at what to do if someone suffers a bad fall.

Think about your safety first. If it is not safe for you to go and help, don’t. All you will do is create more work for the emergency services. If you aren’t able to get to the patient, call an ambulance immediately. Stay nearby so you can keep an eye out for the ambulance and keep talking to the patient, in order to reassure them.

If you are able to get to the patient, keep talking to them, reassure them and keep them awake if they are conscious.

If they are unconscious, put them in the recovery position by rolling them onto their side with one leg higher than the other so they can’t roll about. Tilt their chin up to keep their airway clear. If you are at all worried about neck or spinal injuries, do not move them.

If they are not breathing, start CPR immediately.

If they are in severe pain, keep them still. Be wary of removing anything that may be causing them pain as this can cause more damage.