It seems you can’t log on to any social media channel these days without coming across someone’s fitness post. Whether it’s a triumphant post-run selfie from a friend, or a beautifully styled pre-yoga set-up from a celebrity, ‘fitspiration’ is all around us.

But does it actually help you?

How do these pictures make you feel?
When you see your favourite yoga teacher bending herself into a pose that is still eluding you, do you feel like you want to go and give it another try? Or do you want to just give up as you’ll never been that bendy?

When you see a friend sharing their latest run on Facebook, so you feel inspired to strap on your trainers yourself? Or does it completely kill your mood, drive you to the sofa and the biscuit tin?

The answers to these questions tells you how well you respond to fitspiration.

If it does inspire you…
Then keep it up! It’s great that you’ve found a sure fire way to get yourself motivated and out the door when you’d rather not.

However, do keep things varied – if all your social media feeds are full of various kinds of healthy food and exercises, you make soon tire of it and it will no longer work for you. Make sure you follow other non-health related accounts so that your social media diet is varied and less likely to lead to ‘fitspiration-fatigue’.

Also, try to build a community. This can help if you ever have days where it’s just not working for you – if you have online buddies encouraging you to hit your goals, it’s great for your motivation. Encouraging other people on days when they’re flagging will also keep your energy up.

If it doesn’t inspire you…
That’s completely ok. Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you need to be on board with it. If it actually makes you feel down and affects your self-esteem, the best thing you can do is remove it. Purge your following list of all the accounts you followed in the hope they’d inspire you, but actually just make you feel bad.

If some of your friends and family are fitness fiends and you can’t remove them, see if you can use it as a source of inspiration that works for you. Ask that friend if she’d like a running buddy, see if your aunt wouldn’t mind you tagging along to a yoga class. Try and flip the situation in your favour, so that’s it’s an invitation to join in rather than an exclusive club you can never be a part of.

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