The World Cup came to an end last week in a scorching final between Germany and Argentina. Despite England dropping out at an early stage in the competition, many people have been caught up in the football frenzy and that game between Germany and Brazil became a hot topic up and down the country.

But what of women’s football? The England Women’s Team will be taking part in a World Cup Qualifier in Cardiff City Stadium, against the Welsh team, on 21st August. So make sure you show your support for the women’s team too!

If you’re interested in getting involved with football, there’s so many ways to do it and – as the women’s team are proving – football is not just a game for men.

Football is a great way to get fit with friends. If you start playing regular games, you’ll boost your stamina and you’ll improve your skills. Here are our tips for getting involved this summer.

Have a kickabout.
A small game with friends in the park is easily arranged and a lot of fun. Bring all your friends and a picnic to really make the most of the day.

Pitch in.
Club together every now and again to take your weekend kickabout onto a proper pitch. If you really get into it, you can sign up for leagues and test your team skills. Wembley Stadium even has 5- and 7-aside pitches in its grounds!

Keepy Uppy.
If you’re friends aren’t as interested in the game as you are, or you just want something to do when your friends aren’t available, try out skills challenges. Football is a highly skilled game so you can enjoy solo practices working on your dribbling skills (we suggest using cones or other markers as obstacles), shooting or even just see how long you can keep the ball in the air!