Your to-do list for the Easter Weekend.

Your to-do list for the Easter Weekend.Happy Easter

As we break for the long weekend, we would like to wish you all the very best for the Easter break.

This holiday is quite a good fest – with chocolate eggs a-plenty and more roasts than we normally eat in a week! It’s almost like Christmas all over again.

But Easter has one advantage over Christmas and that’s the time of year it falls in. While I’m sure we can remember those chilly and snowy (!!) Easters, usually we’re lucky and hit upon some lovely spring weather. So while we’re not going to suggest you give up the eggs entirely (although we’d rather have a massage, if any of our significant others are reading!) here are some tips to make the most of what promises to be a lovely weekend…

  • Get together. This is a great excuse to get family and friends together. And when you’re all together – make sure you do something! Even if it’s just a long walk or an exuberant game of Twister, doing things together is so much nicer than sitting on the sofa watching films you’ve seen a million times before.
  • Ditch the to-do list. It’s a long weekend and while you might have a list of things you want to do, think about whether you really want to do them. While you might love baking, deciding to whip up something the envy of a Parisian paterisserie might take the fun out of it. Why not take a break from your to-do list and go with the flow. Do what feels good – don’t feel you have to make use of the free time!
  • Rest. Take the time to do things that completely relax you. Sleep in; read in the bath; lounge in the grass. Take the time to really and truly rest.
  • Enjoy the great outdoors. Where possible – and if the weather holds! – get outside. There’s nothing like a sunny day to relax you and make you feel your very best.

Enjoy your long weekend – you deserve it!


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