Now is the time of year when several of our team start jetting off for the summer holidays. We sure you’re planning yours – or maybe even packing already!

It’s very easy to leave your good habits at the airport when you go away, but as we’ve all usually put in a lot of effort to be beach-ready, it seems a shame to blow it all in just two weeks. So here are our tips for maintaining your good habits while still having fun.

Don’t do extremes.
Choose one meal each day to be your treat and try and make healthier choices at the others. This way, you’re not depriving yourself, but you aren’t completely destroying your good habits. You’ll also feel much better – going from a healthy diet to a bad one overnight will leave you feeling sluggish and out of sorts.

In the swim.
Instead of lounging by the pool all day – get in it! Swimming is great exercise, so a few lengths a day will do you good. Note how many lengths you can clock up on day 1 and see if you can beat that by the last day of your holiday.

Go on an adventure.
We don’t recommend spending every day by the pool – while this is fine for a few days, it soon gets boring. Checking out where you’re staying on foot is a great way to clock up miles and get a work out without even noticing! If you’re feeling extra adventurous, sign up for a hike or bicycle ride.

Watch your alcohol intake.
We’d heartily suggest minimising the amount you drink on holiday. Try saving the pennies you might spend on cocktails throughout the day and use them on something more fun – an excursion or even a spa treatment. You can always treat yourself to a cocktail afterwards – once you’ve earned it!