We like to offer you ideas for active things to try as often as we can.

If you’re looking for a new adventure, why not try horse riding? You may not think this would be much of a work out, but it works your abdominals and your abductor muscles. After a long class or ride, you’ll definitely feel it in your legs!

But horse riding also provides a mental work out as you have to focus on learning new skills, as well as clearing your mind and calming your mood before you mount. Horse riding is a skill, like any other, but an important element of the hobby is creating a connection with the animal you’re working with and that means focusing and being entirely present in the moment.

Horse riding offer much more than just a work out, as it can become a way of life. Spending time with horses is not only good for your general fitness, but encourages you to spend time outside which is also good for your general well-being.

This sport allows you a range of options to keep you interested and excited. If you’re competitive, you could try and enter local and national competitions, setting yourself goals and trying to set new personal bests. You could focus on a particular element of the sport, possibly show jumping or dressage, both of which require total concentration – so it’s a good way to empty your mind of work! Alternatively, you could simply enjoy lessons and hacks, making friends with new people. Stables are always happy to have an extra pair of hands, so you could learn all about the care of horses too.

Horse riding is a richly rewarding hobby that is fulfilling on a number of levels. Not least the fact that you get to enjoy the beauty of the world around you, from the back of a beautiful creature. Try it! We’re sure you’ll love it!

Be aware that horse riding can exacerbate low back pain symptoms, so if you have any concerns, please come and have a check up before you start. You can call us on 020 8332 6184, email us at info@theforgeclinic.com or book online.