So, how can you ease or prevent back pain and keep your spine in good shape? We asked some of The Forge Clinic practitioners to share their top tips for a healthier back.

Lara Maddison, Physiotherapist agrees that stretching is key. She adds: “Tight hamstring muscles are a little-known cause of low back pain and can be rectified with simple stretches to decrease the pressure on your lower back. One example is to sit on the edge of a chair and straighten one leg out in front of you. Keeping that knee straight gently tip from the hip until you feel the stretch in the back of the leg. Hold for thirty seconds. Repeat three times each side.”

Naomi Johns, Massage Therapist points out that it’s also important to stretch your hip flexors, which are a group of muscles in the front of the hip. Naomi says: “They are prone to becoming short and tightened, especially if we spend a lot of our day sitting. Try this simple stretching exercise – from a standing position take a step back with one leg and kneel down on your back knee. Don’t arch your lower back, your spine should remain neutral. You are looking to shift weight onto the back hip, which is where you should feel the stretch.”

David Silver, Physiotherapist suggests that movement is vital for reducing back pain. “Sitting is only going to make it worse. If you work at a computer, try a variable height desk and spend more time standing. Use it or lose it – it really is that simple.” David adds: “Most people think back pain is a serious problem that has lasting consequences. You can strain your back just like you can your ankle. But we don’t lie down for a week if we’ve strained our ankle. Movement is key and not to worry overly. It will improve.”

Finally, Phil McNulty, Osteopath believes that looking after your general health will also help to improve pain levels. “Lose excess weight, give up smoking and take steps to address stress,” he says.

So, remember exercise and gentle stretching will help to strengthen your back muscles and relieve and prevent back pain. While, a sports and remedial massage will help to relieve tightness and stiffness, as well as alleviate stress.


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Also, do read our latest information on how to look after your spine and what to do about back pain, with our guide: Back pain: Facts and Fiction.


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