After last week’s post on stress, we thought we’d share how The Forge Team handles stress.

As a lot of the team are into health and fitness, a lot of us choose exercise to burn off the stress. Practice Manager Vicky is one of the runners on the team, but receptionist Nikki prefers yoga or strength training at the gym – we can’t all love running!

But there are many other ways you can ease stress that doesn’t involve the gym. Some are soothing, some are silly, but if you want to try it, do – and see if it works for you!

Get creative
There’s been a creative explosion in recent years, with magazines like Mollie Makes becoming best sellers. Try your hand at a craft and you’ll not only feel soothed, but you’ll have a brand new skill. Massage Therapist Nicky McClean makes cushions out of beautiful vintage scarves while receptionist Nikki is determined to knit her own wardrobe.

However, learning new skills can be stressful when you’re just a beginner, so if you can’t face that just yet, try colouring! Yes, there’s been a surge in adult colouring books with beautiful and complex patterns. Pick up a colouring book, raid the kids art stash and try it!

Use your brain
Instead of focusing on a work problem or a family crisis – give your brain something else to work on. Work your way through a book of crossword or sudoku puzzles, help someone with their Maths homework. Using your brain for something other than worry will allow you to unwind, stretch your thinking muscles and boost your mood! (And yes, the puzzles in the bag of a kids magazine count too!)

Get outside
Massage Therapist Giuliana Newman gardens, lots of the team run or walk and Alan Burke even paraglides! Getting outside into the fresh air is a great way to ease stress. Long deep breathes and getting your body moving will not only soothe you, but it can help clear your mind enough to see a way through a problem.

Great for your body and mind – what’s not to like!

Make some noise
Physiotherapist Rory Mee likes to drum when he’s feeling stressed out. Again, it’s about getting your brain to focus on something outside of the stress you’re under. But making some noise can be pretty cathartic – from drums or guitar to singing at the top of your lungs can really release the tension – try it!