Julie says…

“I had a little of bit of acupuncture a few years ago, however Maureen’s approach is quite different. She uses the Chinese Five elements, and doesn’t leave the needles in the same place for long periods of time.

Maureen has lots of experience and this certainly shows during the treatment. she will explain everything she is doing and you definitely feel like you are in good hands!

I always feel quite amazing after a treatment with Maureen, and I have had quite a few and will have more too in the future.

Maureen often works on my spleen and digestive areas, where I have a weakness, and she sometimes gives my immune system a boost if she feels I need it. If I am feeling stressed, she helps with that too, using the acupuncture meridians, unblocking energy to allow it flow better. However acupuncture works on the body, it makes a difference to me. I recommend you give it a go, Maureen has lots of empathy and will make you feel at ease throughout.”

If you would like to have a treatment with Maureen, initial consultations are 90 minutes. She is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays and you can call, email or book online.