MassageAt the Forge, we like to practice what we preach. We consider looking after yourself to be the most important thing you can do. While this year we are rededicating ourselves to our health, our nutritionist Julie Deeks is putting us all to shame by vowing to visit every practitioner at the Forge for a treatment!

As a busy nutritional therapist who works in several clinics across London, it would be easy to make an excuse to move these to the bottom of her very full to-do list, but she is determined not to do this! Julie manages to keep on top of her health appointments by:

  • Making the appointments in advance. Get it in the diary and then plan anything else around that, rather than the other way around.
  • Find convenient times. Julie tends to make her appointments for when she is in clinic treating, this way she is not put off by the commute and tempted to cancel her appointment!

Her first appointment was for a 30 minute massage with Nicky. After the massage she felt lighter and relaxed, yet energised.

Julie says: “Nicky has a great approach to massage and remedial after care. She has very strong hands and isn’t afraid to use them, so if you want some deep tissue work, I can highly recommend Nicky. Oh, and remember to drink water, lots of it, after a massage to remove the toxins released from the muscles and lymph. If you don’t drink enough they will stay in your body and may cause headaches and other unwanted symptoms.”

Keep an eye out for Julie’s other treatments over the next few weeks.

If you would like to book a massage with Nicky, she is available on Tuesdays and alternate Saturdays, You can call, email or book online. To see Julie, please give us a call so we can let you know when she’s free.