Today, she describes her first osteopathic, with our longest serving osteopath, Phil McNulty. Phil has been here since before we became The Forge Clinic and has a deeply holistic view of the body.
Julie says…
“Unless you have experienced osteopathy, you may find it hard to describe to someone. I had an appointment with Phil last week and I found his knowledge about the body really enlightening.
He was gentle with his hands when he had to to get into the pockets of pain in my shoulder joint. I have an old injury there, and he gently encouraged movement back into this area and my upper back, which was slightly stiff.
Phil is gentle yet firm and will throw in a joke or two to make sure you smile! Movement to the area has improved, and I will do the exercises recommended by Phil to help keep it supple. Phil explained to me, that when I do my stretching exercises, I need to hold them for at last 30 seconds, any less than this and the ligaments and tendons don’t stay stretched, they go back like an elastic band, so thanks for that top tip!”
If you would like to make an appointment with Phil, he is available on Tuesdays and Fridays. You can call or email to make an appointment, or you can book online.