This year our nutritionist, Julie Deeks, is dedicating herself to her health – by vowing to visit each of her fellow practitioners at the Forge! You can read about her osteopathic experience with Phil McNulty here.

Today, she describes her treatment with physiotherapist David Silver. David one of our physiotherapists, he has a wealth of experience and regularly works with students to help them gain experience. David regularly receives glowing testimonials from his patients, so Julie was eager to see him for treatment of an old injury.

Julie says, “I went to see David about another old injury, this time my ankle. Two years ago, I sprained my ankle really badly. I didn’t have physiotherapy at the time to help rehabilitate me, I just got on with life. However, leaving this injury untreated has caused further problems.

This injury has potentially caused knee pain where my foot now pronates. This now hinders the knee joint and begins to irritate the patella (knee caps). Dave has used orthotics to support both feet to correct this pronation. He also used manipulation on my foot to loosen it up and correct the positioning of my ankle. My knees feel like new!”

If you would like to see David for treatment of a new, old or recurring injury, he is available on Mondays and Fridays. You can call, email or book online.