Sometimes one bit of advice can really change your life. One of the big internet trends at the moment are ‘life hacks’ – neat little tips that make your everyday life easier. If there was one tip or piece of advice that you would give to everyone, what would it be?

Receptionist Nikki would recommend getting a hobby! While it may sound like a simple thing that isn’t really important, having a hobby can have a real impact on your stress levels, your creativity, and if it’s something that constantly allows you to use new skills, can also help keep your mind active. It’s also a great way to meet new people.

Lead Physiotherapist David recommends prioritising sleep – yes, really! Often we scrape by on the bare minimum, but that really isn’t good for us, physically, mentally or emotionally. When we’re tired, things can seem overwhelming and excessive tiredness can lead to injury. Sleep is just as important as movement in keeping yourself fit and active.

Chiropractor Jean Luc Lafitte always reminds people to focus on the little things that make a big change when it comes to back pain – and avoiding it! Make sure that you are spreading your weight evenly on both legs can make a big difference.

Practice Manager Vicky Baars regularly sees members of the team to keep herself in the best health possible. Regular treatments to prevent pain occurring, rather than dealing with it when it does flare up makes for a much happier life!