Winter is a time for dashing about with lots to do – even if you’d rather be tucked up on the sofa in the warm! With all that we have to do before Christmas, now is not the time to sustain an injury!

Atomospheric, romantic, festive… Ice skating is a lovely way to spend the afternoon with friends and family. However, it can often result in broken wrists or a bruised tailbone, as well as other bumps and bruises.

We wouldn’t recommend ice skating if you have a pre-existing balance problem, but if you’re just a beginner who’d really like a go, here are some tips:

Don’t lean back! It’s tempting to lean back to keep yourself on your feet, but you can just end up on the ice! Bend your knees and try to keep your weight forward and use your arms to keep your balance.
Put the brakes on! Make sure you know how to stop before you get on the ice. Bend your knees slightly, turn in your toes and push out your heels – this will slow you down and bring you to a gentle stop
Get up with grace. If you’re a beginner, you’re likely to fall over at least once. When you do, use your clenched fists rather than your splayed hands to get up – this will protect your fingers and stop your hands getting too cold. Get yourself up onto your knees, then onto one knee and push up from one knee.

If you do end up on the ice more often than you like and still feel sore a few days later, you can always call us to book an appointment for a check up.

Shopping can be a nightmare at this time of year – too many people, too much to buy and too many bags to carry! Carrying around a lot of bags can play havoc with your back and shoulders, so why not take Alan Burke‘s advice and do most of yours online? This doesn’t have to mean only supporting the bigger companies, many small and independent businesses are also online. You can find out more about the offers some small business are having at Small Business Saturday.

Despite all the other ways you can injure yourself this Christmas, many people end up drinking a little too much at the Christmas party and injuring themselves that way. While we would we never say don’t touch a drop, it is wise to drink a soft drink between alcoholic drinks and make sure you’ve had a good meal beforehand!