Jetting AwayAs the school holidays speed towards us, many of you may be counting the days until your summer holiday. Whether that’s leaving on a jetplane or visiting somewhere beautiful in our own country, it’s great to be prepared.

Holidaying in the UK

If you’re visiting somewhere in the UK, you don’t have to worry about the water and it’s unlikely you’ll encounter any large mosquitoes. But if you’re camping, remember to bring a first aid kit (here is some advice on how to create your own). This way you won’t have to go dashing off in the car for plasters when someone inevitably takes a tumble.

Despite our notoriously changeable weather, it’s perfectly possible to get sunburn in this country. Slap on the sun cream, even if you’re only going to a beer garden. Better safe than sorry!

Holidaying in the UK probably means you’re not flying, but cars, trains and ferries can all cause travel sickness, so remember that prevention is better than cure. Talk to your GP if you already know you suffer from travel sickness and remember to take your medication before you set off. Minimise the problem by eating light meals, little and often when you’re travelling and avoid reading or looking at your phone. Your holiday starts here – take the time to relax.

Holidaying abroad

All of the above tips still apply – particularly suncream if you’re jetting off to somewhere sunny! Also be sure to keep yourself well hydrated and pack aloe vera gel in case of slight sunburn. If you are really suffering with it, feeling sick or if the skin is blistered, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Remember to avoid tummy bugs by keeping alcohol wipes or gels to hand and use bottled water for drinking and for brushing your teeth. Citronella oil is a great alternative to over the counter chemical insect repellents and you’ll smell great too.

If you’re travelling by plane and worried about DVT (deep vein thrombosis), remember that if you’re fit and healthy, your chances of suffering a DVT are quite low. However, if you’re overweight or taking medication, your risk can increase. Check with your GP if you’re concerned and remember to move as much as possible throughout the flight. Flex your feet, stretch up onto your tiptoes, walk up and down and keep hydrated!

Also, if you suffer an injury while away on holiday, we can help you recover. Give us a call on 020 8332 6184 when you get home and we can give you some advice and book you an appointment.