Massage has a host of health benefits

One of the main treatments we offer at the Forge is sports massage. This deep tissue massage is of particular benefit to athletes, so if you’re running the London Marathon this Sunday, this post is for you!

It’s important to have a massage before the race to make sure everything is in the best possible shape and ease out muscles so they are running smoothly. This is also a good time to talk over any worries you might have about the upcoming race.

Here are some tips from our team of massage therapists:

  • Don’t leave it too late. Especially if you’re new to sports massage, you don’t want to leave your pre-event massage to the last minute. Any time this week is fine, but no later than Friday!
  • Thank your body for its efforts. Book in now for a post-event treatment to help your muscles recover. If you’re not in too much pain, this can be as early as the Monday.
  • Try RICE . Use this technique (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) immediately after the event. This will help your recovery – remember, your body has undergone trauma! If you want to know more about RICE, read Nicky’s blog here.

It is important to keep mobile – even if you would like to spend a few days on the sofa! – but don’t overdo it. Everyone feels differently after a big event, but everyone can benefit from a massage. When you feel ready, book a massage to help ease away the last tensions left by the race. Jackie and Nicky are available throughout the week after the marathon and Giuliana is back the following week. To book, please give us a call on 020 8332 6184 or book online.

However, if you are experiencing pain in the days after the race or suspect you might have injured yourself, book in to see one of our physiotherapists or osteopaths as soon as possible.