Lots of people complain that exercise is boring. And if you’re running the exact same route every day – we’d agree! But we all know that exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

There is no rule book to say that to you have to choose one type of exercise and stick to it! If you take up running, there’s no reason you can’t take up yoga or Pilates as well. If you’re a swimmer there’s no reason you can’t also try kickboxing.

There’s also no rule to say that exercise has to be the traditional thing that works up a sweat. Going on long walks feels leisurely, but if you increase your distance and include some hills, you’re getting a great work out. Archery may not look like a work out, but it relies on arm and core strength in order for you to improve.

Here are some tips to help you stay interested in and excited by your exercise routine:

  • If you’re a member of a gym, try one new class a month. Be it boxercise or spinning – just make sure it’s something you’ve never tried before. You never know, you might discover a new obsession!
  • Keep your eye out for deals. There are loads of voucher websites that offer deals to try new classes. This is a great way to snag a bargain and try something new.
  • Remember that change is good! If you’ve been pounding the same route for the last month – no wonder you’re bored! Try a new route, run with a friend or aim for a new PB.
  • Work to a beat. A little while ago we posted about the importance of a great playlist for your work out. You can brighten up your daily exercise and give yourself an extra boost of motivation by adding some of your favourite tunes. Updating a stale playlist is also a great way to spring clean your routine.
  • Sign up to an event so you are working to a deadline. Suddenly it becomes harder to talk yourself out of that rainy Sunday run! Check out this post for event ideas.
  • Never forget food! Eating the same old meals can send us running to the sweetie jar out of boredom. Try to make something new every week – you can even check out healthy dessert recipes!
  • Take care of yourself. If you’re flagging or hitting up against repetitive injuries, come and have a consultation with one of our practitioners. Our physiotherapyosteopathy and chiropractic therapies can help you with injuries and our massage team can keep you in tip top shape. On top of that, a chat with someone who is passionate about the benefits of healthy exercise and lifestyle, can also motivate you!