New Year, New WeightOne of the most commonly made New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. At this time of year, we’re all a little heavier after the party season and the New Year feels like a good place to start your quest for the body beautiful.

But is this a resolution you make every year? If so, ask yourself why. In an ideal world this is a resolution you would make once, but this isn’t often the case.

Here are our tips for kick starting a new diet in 2014…

  • Start small. Don’t aim for an Angelina Jolie-style figure straight away, you will only be disappointed because you will not change overnight. Make your January goal to get back to the weight you were before Christmas.
  • Set goals – but not weight ones. Set monthly goals. Now you’re back to your usual weight, try to set other goals. For example – in February challenge yourself to run three times a week. In March see if you can beat your personal best on your longest run. Look for goals that aren’t about weight so they are easier to focus on and hit.
  • Learn new recipes. Books, magazines, the internet – it’s all brimming with delicious and healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Try them!
  • Use technology. There are so many apps these days that are focused on health – there are great apps for recipes, ones to track your calorie intake, your exercise. There’s even an app that simulates a zombie chase to get you really working on that run. Explore the wonderful world of apps and build your own health arsenal.
  • Don’t join a gym. It’s easy to sign up to one of the New Year deals in January with all the best intentions, but you will only make changes if you actually GO. Direct Debit payments make the money you are potentially wasting easy to ignore. So in January, try working out at home or running, get yourself into a good exercise habit before you invest your money in a gym membership.
  • Use smaller plates. This was one of our Christmas tips, but it works all year round! We are quick to fill up our enormous dinner plates, but we don’t need that much food. Treat yourself to smaller plates.
  • Treat yourself. It’s so easy to say you’ll give up fried food or chocolate, but it’s less easy to do. We believe that everything is good for you in moderation. So rather than wolfing down a kitkat at your desk, treat yourself to a bar of luxury dark chocolate while you watch a film – be mindful of what you are eating, enjoy it and you won’t need anymore!
  • Keep a food diary. Make this the year you learn what makes your body feel best. And, if you think you may have an allergy or intolerance, make this the year you deal with it.

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