Now’s the time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine by eating al fresco.

It’s easy to stuff our picnic baskets with less than healthy options like cakes and crisps, but here are our tips for swerving the bad and add more good to your picnic.

Little things
Be sure to cut out the extras that can be very unhealthy. Go without a calorific dressing on your salad and go without butter in your sarnies.

Switch up the filling
Instead of loading up your sandwiches with mayonnaise and cheese, go for the vegetarian option and load up on roasted or even raw veg. From roasted onions, peppers and aubergine to spinach, basic and sun-dried tomatoes, the possibilities are endless!

Pile up the salad!
Grab a cool bag and fill it up with boxes of salad. Load up on leafy greens and fill your salad with colour using everything from peppers to pomegranate. Include some grilled meat or fish or even hard boiled eggs for a protein punch. Be sure to go easy on the dressing. If you do want to include dressing, be sure to pack it separately to avoid your salad wilting.

Couscous can make a great addition to your salad selection as it tastes great cold and can be piled up with vegetables.

Who’s for sushi?
Grab a tray of vegetarian sushi for light quick bites. Beware of choosing fish sushi if you plan to be out a while – stick to vegetarian options and be sure to pop it straight in your cool bag.

Pack snacks
If you want to include some little nibbles, try things like soy beans. These are great to pick at and aren’t at all bad for you!

Make up some decadent fruit smoothies for a sweet fix and we guarantee you won’t be craving cupcakes!

If you’d like full nutritional advice, you can book an appointment with our nutritional therapist Julie Deeks. Give us a call on 020 8332 6184 to find out her availability.