Today we’re looking at a subject that can be touchy for some people – mornings. While some lucky people find getting up early and getting going incredibly easy, many of us don’t.

While some research indicates your preference for late nights or early mornings might be genetically hard-wired, there’s no doubt that our society is designed for larks rather than night owls. Therefore, it’s helpful to make mornings as easygoing as possible.

Make your morning the night before
Prepare the night before so that you can get an extra few minutes in bed and not have to worry about making any big decisions. Pack your bag, get your outfit ready, make your lunch. You could even fill the kettle and put the teabag in the cup – simple things that can make a hectic morning that much easier.

Get more sleep
Try to go to bed a little earlier. While night owls don’t want to hear this, an extra half an hour or hour of sleep can really help your alertness the next day. Even if you only do this when you need to be up the next morning, it will really help make your mornings run a little smoother.

Make the most of it
While this may sound like madness to some, tackling your day’s work out first thing can really improve your morning. Getting to the gym or a class before work will not only shake off the cobwebs and guarantee you’re wide awake on your commute, but has the added bonus of getting your work out done for the day. Ticking off something so good for you first thing will likely make you happier through the day and you may be more likely to make healthy decisions.

Don’t skip breakfast
Taking the time to eat something can stop your morning feeling like a mad dash. Just taking ten minutes to make and eat some toast can feel like a gentle pause in a busy day. It also ensures you don’t arrive at your destination ravenous! Start your hydration now too – a large glass of water while the kettle boils for tea is a great way to ensure that you’re on the road to getting all the hydration you need.

How do your mornings look? What do you do to make them easier for yourself? As the darker days draw ever closer, there’s no better time to revamp your morning routine.