One of our physiotherapists, Amandine Valentin, recently ran a 10k in Victoria Park to raise money for hemiplegia charity HemiHelp.

Hemiplegia is a neurological condition, caused by damage to the brain. Its effects are similar to a stroke, causing weakness and lack of control in varying degrees in one side of the body.

HemiHelp, the charity that Amandine was raising money for, provides support and information to children and young people with hemiplegia and their families in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. As one child in 1000 can be affected by this condition, the work that HemiHelp does is incredibly important.

We are very proud to say that Amandine finished the 10k in under an hour, coming in at 58 min and 57 seconds. Amandine is also part of our Race for Life team, taking part in a 5k at 11am on Sunday

Top tips for running for charity?

  • Pick a charity that really means something to you, either because you have been affected by it in some way or because it’s a cause you feel passionate about. That passion will get you out and training even on the worst days!
  • Start small. While it’s tempting to go all in because it’s for charity – if you’re not a runner or have never run a big race before, start with a 5k and work your way up to that marathon!
  • Use technology! Set up a page; share it with friends and family via email; put the link on your Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Explore other avenues. A lot of big events have a minimum that you have to raise in order to take part. Don’t rely on simple donations – have a bake sale; a sponsored silence; a fundraisers tea party! Get your family, friends and community involved!
  • Talk about it! Get chatting about what you’re doing and why – you never know who might be a potential sponsor!

If you would like to know more about this condition, Amandine has previously written several blogs on the subject: What is hemiplegia?How can physiotherapy help hemiplegia? and How can you help your hemiplegia?

Amandine has a lot of previous experience in working with hemiplegia, so if you would like to see her she is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You can call us on 020 8332 6184 or book online.