Husam Fakhry and Jerome Boisard with Tony Dent, owner of Sample Answers, the the Richmond Business Awards 2013.

Husam Fakhry and Jerome Boisard with Tony Dent, owner of Sample Answers, the the Richmond Business Awards 2013.

Great to receive; enriching to give.

As you know, The Forge won an award for Corporate Social Responsibility. Part of the reason we won was because we are involved in mentoring other local businesses.

What is a business mentor?

A business mentor uses their own knowledge and experience to support their mentees. They encourage their mentee to be open about their ideas, concerns and their understanding of business situations. They also helps mentees review their progress and set new goals, while helping them learn from things that did not turn out as expected.

Has The Forge benefited from Business Mentoring?

One of our Clinic Director’s, Jerome Boisard, has benefited directly from a mentor’s help. The Richmond Borough Chamber of Commerce put him in contact with the marketing manager of Mars, who has come into the clinic several times to help the Forge improve its marketing policy. It was great to benefit from the insight and experience of such a skilled professional and was an eye-opener on several critical questions about the marketing process.

The Forge also benefited from the UCL mentoring programme. We worked with a media mentor who has over 30 years’ experience in international media and communication, and runs companies worth millions of pounds. Jerome really appreciated the time taken to understand the challenges the Forge faces. And sometimes we all need a gentle push towards the path we know we have to take!

How did The Forge implement the advice?

Procrastination, as with many people and businesses, was our main enemy. Looking back, it has been a great journey that has deeply changed our business processes, creating new assignments within the Forge team. We are now more focused on what we want with our media providers.

How did The Forge get involved in mentoring?

Thrilled by his experience as a mentee, Jerome wanted to give back. He has taken Mentor Training at the Chamber of Commerce and is now a recognised business mentor for local businesses in Richmond.

Since becoming a mentor, Jerome has been advising more than 10 different businesses, but his longest experience has been with Barnes Bees. We are very pleased that we are able to give back as much as we received.