First MileWe have written before about our work with First Mile Recycling here.

We were recently awarded a Silver certificate from First Mile for our recycling efforts. At the moment, we recycle approximately 80% of our waste. This equates to four full recycling bags every week, as well as a stack of cardboard from our regular deliveries. We limit our general waste to no more than two bags week – for a busy clinic with a high turnover, this is quite an achievement!

First Mile assures us that we’re on track for Gold certificate next year and we’re already planning how we can up our green credentials and make that happen.

But why are we so passionate about recycling?

Summer by the river, 2013. Taken by our massage therapist, Jackie Takahashi-Postles.

Summer by the river, 2013.
Taken by our massage therapist, Jackie Takahashi-Postles.

We are based in a beautiful area, full of greenery and nature. When surrounded by so much natural beauty, it is

difficult to ignore the fact that recycling is the best thing for our environment.

We go through a lot of disposable stock – everything is delivered plastic wrapped in cardboard boxes, all of which can be recycled. While our needles are incinerated, a lot of our disposables, like the couch roll we use to cover the bed for each patient, can be recycled. When you throw away a lot every day, it makes you stop and think about what and how much you are consuming. Where possible, we like to recycle so that our lessen our carbon footprint and have a positive effect on the environment.

Don’t forget, we also do our best to help in other green ways – we have a shower and bike space for staff who want to cycle in on sunny mornings. We also encourage other members of staff to come to work via public transport, rather than drive.

How do you do your bit for the environment – as we’re going for gold, we’d love to hear your tips!