Jean Luc treating sciatic pain.

Jean Luc treating sciatic pain.

In the last of our blogs on sciatic pain, Jean Luc looks at spinal stenosis.

Of the three most common causes of sciatica, spinal stenosis is usually more serious and is normally due to ongoing slow degeneration, which we are only aware of when we experience pain.

This pain is caused by a narrowing of the hole in which the spinal cord resides and two of the most common types of stenosis are:

1) Lumbar stenosis

2) Cervical stenosis

Lumbar stenosis is the more frequently occurring of the two, compressing the “horse’s tail” bundle of nerves, but cervical stenosis can be the most dangerous as it compresses the spinal cord itself.

Because of the potential severity of this condition, Jean Luc would have to work in conjunction with your GP. It is particularly serious when it occurs in your cervical (neck) spine. If you experience any numbness in your body, especially in your hands and feet, consult your GP first. If after determining the cause it is important to stretch, avoid any exercises that will overload the spine. Losing weight can also help to take some of the pressure off the nerves and spinal cord.

Conservative treatment, such as massage and physiotherapy, is also recommended. Jean Luc believes that your health is the priority and even though he is a chiropractor, he believes that referring you to the right therapist is crucial to your recovery and this is why he may not always treat you himself.

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For further information on sciatic pain, Jean Luc has a book available on Kindle: Sciatica