Have you heard of the latest fitness craze hitting the beaches? Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) involves donning a wetsuit and paddling on a surfboard – much harder than it actually sounds!

But don’t worry, if this has peaked your interest, you’re not going to have to jet out to Australia, or even catch a train down to Cornwall, because stand up paddle boarding is now available here in London, on a lagoon on the Thames.

Urban Recovery offers classes throughout London, so not living near a beach is no longer an excuse not to get involved in watersports! Depending on where you’re based, you could take a beginners classes on the Thames by Docklands in the east of the city or even in Little Venice in Maida Vale.

Paddle boarding involves paddling out and then standing up on your board, using an oar to steer. This involves a great deal of core strength to keep your balance, as you move side-to-side to paddle. While some yoga practitioners take to boards to give themselves an extra challenge, learning to balance, steer and keep control of your board without falling in is a big challenge!

As with a lot of sports, SUP requires focus and attention. Even though you’re not learning on the stronger currents and waves of the sea, you are outside and weather can be unpredictable. You need to clear your mind and be in the present in order to do well. This makes SUP ideal for people with stressful lives as it encourages you to think about something else, to focus on your surroundings – and enjoy yourself!

If you are in the later stages of rehabilitation, ask your physiotherapist if they’d recommend you try this sport. As with all new sports, we encourage you to book an appointment for a check up with one of our practitioners before signing up.