Has your usual diet and exercise routine slipped yet? It happens every year to a lot of us about this time – we’re so busy and often have to be in several places at once, that our regular runs, classes or gym sessions fizzle away into nothing. Not to mention the non-stop temptation of festive drinks, nibbles and treats. It can be very hard to stay motivated.

But what if this year could be a little bit different? What if you could dial down the indulgence a little so that you hit the New Year raring to hit new goals instead of slogging back to old ones? Try our top tips and find out!

Swap it out
If you’re hosting a party – you’re the one in charge. Rather than rely on old favourites like mince pies, pigs in blankets, mini sausage rolls and eggnog, you can offer up some healthier alternatives:

Tomato skewers: Cherry tomatoes with small pieces of mozzarella are quick to make and quick to eat. You could try some other raw vegetables too.
Simple satay: Load up some vegetables with some turkey (it is Christmas after all) to provide a hot alternative to the fresh tomato skewers.
Smoked salmon: Christmas is about luxury and smoked salmon is a definite treat! Serve up a big platter with salad, eggs and crackers and bread.
Vegetable dips: There are some great recipes out there for tasty vegetable dips that are a good addition to any party.

Serve up some of these healthier alternatives alongside old favourites and you at least have the option for a healthier snack.

Call it me time
If you can’t make all of your usual classes, aim to book in one or two sessions a week. Christmas can be an incredibly stressful period, so finding the time to get away from the to-do list and do something just for yourself can be very relieving. It also means that you’re not worrying about letting your fitness stride.

Start the day right
Try and get out of the house on Christmas day for a run – or even a walk with the whole family. Getting out into the fresh air and getting some exercise can really set you up for the busy day ahead. It also turns the usual Christmas day – indoors and overeating – on its head. It might only be a small thing, but it is better than nothing!

Remember your why
You eat healthily and exercise for a reason. It’s important to remember that reason when things get busy. Instead of making cooking a fresh meal or hitting the gym just one more item on the to-do list, try to focus on why you’re doing this, the result you’re aiming for. This kind of change in thinking can really help you re-focus and maintain your motivation through all the temptations Christmas has to offer!