Have you been enjoying the beautiful weather lately? The weather has been kind to us as we transition from summer to autumn – and so it should after that less than stellar summer we had!

There are rumours aplenty that the coming winter will be a long and tough one, so now is the time to enjoy the last of the summer sunshine while you can. If you can get away for a little break, or even if you an’t, here are our suggestions for an action packed last hurrah before winter!

Enjoy the World Cup!
While the World Cup is on, get to a fanzone, pack yourself a picnic and enjoy it! Getting outside, enjoying a sport and socialising with friends are all brilliant for your mental and emotional health. And there’s the added bonus that you may well be inspired to take up rugby, or even just get a bit fitter. If you do feel inspired – we’re always here to keep you fit as you start!

Spend time outside
If you can’t get away, spend as much time as you can outside. Here in Richmond, we are very lucky that we live and/or work in a beautiful area. We also have a great range of cafes so you can eat outside and then go for a walk along the river. Many people find their mood drops when the cold weather forces you inside more often so soak it up while you can!

On your bike!
Have you been through Richmond Park lately? Why not explore it on two wheels? This is a great way to spend time with friends and family and it gets you out and moving. If you experience any twinges at all though – give us a call and we can fit you in as soon as possible.

Get away
The British Isles is a beautiful part of the world and worth exploring. Why not take to the peaks of the Yorkshire Dales, the valleys of Wales or the wide green spaces of Scotland or Ireland? The great thing about not travelling too far means that if you’re a cyclist, you can easily take your bike. And if you’re not a cyclist – we recommend a sturdy pair of walking boots before you tackle too many miles! Ensuring you have the correct footwear can really help you prevent injuries.

We heartily encourage movement in all its forms, so we hope that however you enjoy this gorgeous start to autumn, you enjoy it outside and moving your body. We also encourage you to take care when taking on a new sport or challenge – if anything feels ‘wrong’ in any way, give us a call. While we are great at helping you recover from injuries, we’d much rather help you to prevent them occurring in the first place!

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