It may seem strange to be saying this on a blog, which will be shared across Twitter and Facebook, but – step away from social media!

Not sure why you should? Read on…!

At the moment, we are all constantly on the go. We can message friends half way around the world on our morning commute and keep up to date on the news without having to devote a whole evening to reading the newspaper. That’s great – but what about the time you spend looking at the Facebook profile of someone you knew at school? What about the knot you get in your stomach when you see pictures of a party you weren’t invited to?

Because we are all constantly aware of what’s going on around us, it’s easy for us to develop social anxiety. We are constantly measuring ourselves against other people’s profiles, trying to squeeze every invitation into the diary because we know we’ll feel awful when we see the pictures online.

This is not a healthy way to live. The emotional and mental stresses are bad for you, but the effect it can have on your body is also something to think about. Too much time spent on a computer can leave to back, neck and shoulder pain. Too much time taping away at your smart phone can cause wrist and arm strain.

Here are our tips:

Delete the app. Delete the social media apps you have on your phone that you know you check into too often. Choose to read or listen to music or a mediation when you’re commuting instead. If you are unable to access it with ease, you’ll use it less.

Do something different. What did you do before you had Twitter or Facebook? Ring that old friend and ask how they’re doing instead of skimming their profile. Write birthdays into your diary instead of relying on a social media reminder.

Get some face time. And we mean real face-to-face time. Spending time with someone will remind you how much nicer real interaction is and you’ll do it more!

If you are finding that you are suffering some tightness or strain, you can book in for a massage with any of our therapists. This is also a great way to get an hour or 3omins away from the outside world!

Our physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractor can help you with any strains you might be feeling and give you advice on how to avoid them in future.

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