Want to get the maximum fun out of your summer this year? Here are some of our general tips to keep your happy and healthy this season atorvastatin dose.

Sun safety
We all know the basics of sun protection, but it can be a pain to remember. To make life easier, pack a small bag with a bottle of sun cream and facial protection and leave it near the door to make it easier to grab and go. Always have your sunglasses to hand – yes, even on overcast days, you never know when it will brighten up! – and a cover up if it gets too hot. It’s also handy to have hat to prevent burning your scalp!

Too hot to work out?
Hit the pool instead! If the idea of your usual gym routine or run makes you want to flop on the sofa with an ice cream, try swimming this summer instead. Not only is it a great form of exercise if you’ve got a bad back, it’s also cooler than your regular work out! You could keep it up while you’re on holiday too, in the pool or even when you’re at the beach.

If you can’t swim, check out classes in your local area – work out and learn an essential new skill!

Make cooler choices
We all crave the cool when the temperature rises, but while an ice cream is a nice treat, you don’t have to reach for it every time. Try chilling slices of fruit in the fridge for a cooling snack, order the sorbet or fruit salad when you’re out for dinner and keep the freezer stocked with ice!

Whether you’re commuting to work, heading to the airport or hitting the motorway for a seaside break, always pack water! Not only will a drink cool you down, it’s important to keep hydrated, especially on busy public transport. Plan a head for a road trip and stock a cool box with plenty of water – you’ll be glad of it if you hit a traffic jam!