All too often, we take better care of our skin in the sun when we’re away on holiday than we do at home. But take a moment to think about how much time you spend in the sun when you are at home.

Often when the sun is shining, we’ll walk more, spend more time outside enjoying picnics and seeing friends. You can even catch some colour on a long car journey! So it is as important to look after our skin at home as it is abroad. While this can help prevent the pain of burns as well as skin cancer, it’s worth remembering that too much sun can have an ageing effect!

Embrace sun cream
Find a brand you like. This is important, as if you buy one that’s too greasy or has a horrible scent, you won’t use it. Try minis before committing to a big bottle.

Get your factor right
The lower the factor, the more often you have to top it up. So be honest with yourself – are you really happy to top up every 10-15mins? Or are you more likely to do it every 30mins? Use what is best for you.

Keep it with you
Always have your sun cream in your bag. Stock up on mini bottles so they’re not heavy and taking up too much space. The same goes for water – it’s important to keep hydrated, particularly if you’re a tube commuter. If you make sure you always have sun cream and a bottle of water with you, you will remember to use them far more often.

Get stylish
While the tendency in the summer is to bare more skin than usual, covering up means you don’t have to worry about reaching for the sun cream as often. Get big sunglasses to protect your eyes and rock a sunhat like a Hollywood starlet. Light wraps can also prevent you from overheating