If you’ve been inspired by all of our marathon posts this week, it’s not too late to get involved! While it is definitely too late to take part in the race, you can still be part of the action by supporting all the runners.

Spend today making the banner and check out the marathon website for information on the best places to spot people you may know. The race starts at 10am so get there nice and early to secure a good spot!

Remember, a lot of runners are taking part in order to raise money for charity. So you can also be involved by sponsoring someone. More often than not, people sponsor family and friends, people they know. But this year, you could pick a charity and make someone’s day by sponsoring them.

One of our patients, Iain Bishop and his wife, will be running the marathon this Sunday in aid of Save the Rhino, a small charity supporting many programmes in Africa and South East Asia. Most of the funds are spent on anti-poaching and monitoring initiatives. Save the Rhino also support community conservation, environmental education, translocations and research. Iain and his wife are proud to support this charity as they believe it’s important to do what they can to try and turn around the decline in rhino numbers. They would welcome more donations at their Virgin Giving page here.

One of our Twitter followers, Stephanie Bell, is raising money for Whizz Kids. This charity supports disabled children, to help them realise their full potential. It’s a great charity and well deserving of support.

If you have been even more inspired in the run up to the marathon, the ballot for next year opens soon. Maybe this is the incentive you needed to get your trainers on! If 26 miles seems a bit daunting, check out smaller local events. The Race for Life is coming to Richmond in June. Maybe we’ll see you there…!

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