Last week, we gave you some ideas for getting outside and enjoying the brighter weather as much as possible. But while there are many relaxing ways to enjoy the sunshine – from family strolls to picnics in the park – there’s something really productive you can do this spring and summer.

Gardening is a productive hobby and you don’t have to have an enormous garden and lots of time to do it.

Flower power
You don’t have to feed your entire family from your garden – there’s nothing wrong with gardening for the pure pleasure of flowers. Choose your favourites and try and ensure that you are filling your garden with as much colour as possible all year round. You’re far more likely to use your garden if you have made it a place of beauty. Even if you don’t have a garden, cultivating a window box is a great mood booster!

Feed your family
Growing your own fruits and veggies is a challenge, but a very rewarding one. Being able to eat food you have grown yourself is a brilliant feeling. While this can be a particularly difficult challenge in London with our limited outdoor space, it is possible. Alys Fowler’s books and newspaper columns give good advice for gardening in small spaces.

Getting your children involved in gardening could also help them eat more fruit and veggies. If you’re children are constantly bothering your for the latest must-have junk food, working together on a small garden could help them get excited about the good stuff. Even growing some herbs in a window box is a good place to start!

Spread the love
A garden is a great way to spend time with the people you like most. From inviting friends over for homegrown strawberries and cream to picking your very own flowers as a last minute gift, a garden is a great source of satisfaction. It’s also a relaxing source of exercise – spending time outside not only boosts your mood and calms your mind, but the physical exertion is great for your body too.