There have been lots of posts lately encouraging you to get outside and enjoy the weather – but as the summers can be short lived in the UK, we feel we need to make the most of it! While we’re hoping for a long, hot summer, here’s what you can get up to out in the sunshine.

Our massage therapist Nicky McClean swears by rowing. While she is a die-hard fan who still gets on the water in the winter, now is a great time to fall in love with rowing. Not only is it a great way to meet people as you learn a new skill, it can be a very beautiful way to explore where you live. Nicky says there’s nothing quite like watching the sun come up over the water – so fall in love with rowing and enjoy the view!

Do you know where your local lido is? There are actually quite a few dotted around London, all with their hardcore fans who even take a dip on Christmas Day! While we don’t suggest you go to that extreme – we do encourage you to hunt out your local lido and enjoy a few swims there this summer. It’s almost like being on holiday!

Cycling is great fun and brilliant exercise. It’s an easy way to explore a new area too, so rather than just cycling around your neighbourhood, why not look into a cycling holiday? Be careful to do your research however – if you’re not a regular cyclist, then it would be unwise to sign up to a holiday covering long distances. Be honest with yourself and the people you book with and you’ll have a great time!


Our daredevil osteopath Alan Burke is a great fan of paragliding. Apparently the views are great and while we’re not in a hurry to follow him up there – if you’re brave enough, let us know how you get on!