We’re very glad for brighter mornings and lighter evenings as it means more time outside. While we’re big advocates of running – many of our team and our patients are active runners – time outside doesn’t have to mean working up a sweat.

Our mood is naturally boosted in spring time as the weather warms up and the days lengthen out again, so take advantage of that natural happiness booster by getting outside and enjoying it!

Go for a walk
Rather than huddling in the staff room or a local cafe on your lunch break, go for a walk. Just twenty minutes can give you the boost you need. Getting outside will ensure you can’t work through your lunch break (just because we’ve all done it doesn’t mean it’s good for you!) and will give you the chance to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine – which can prevent you feeling you’re missing the best of the day!

Eat al fresco
Vitamin D is good for you! Find a nice spot and eat your food outside as often as you can. Again, it’s a great break and you’re guaranteed to go back to work with a smile on your face. Ask a friend or colleague to join you and make it a real highlight of your day. As the weather heats up, don’t forget to pack a bottle of sun cream, a hat and some sunglasses so that sunburn doesn’t ruin your day.

Take notice
At this time of year, the world around you is waking up from its long winter snooze – try and take notice of it! If you don’t really walk during the week, try going on your break or getting off the bus or train earlier or even parking a little further away. Take your time and notice the daffodils and crocuses which are shooting up all around. The pops of colour and the tangible proof that summer really is on its way is a great mood booster!