Rain or shine (and let’s face it – it’s probably going to rain!) what will you be doing this Easter Weekend? A long weekend is an all too rare luxury, which means we should make the most of every minute of it! Here are some ideas…

Prioritise Self Care
Time to yourself can often fall to the bottom of the list when we’re working 9-5, but it’s important to take the time to fully relax. With four whole days off before you, make sure you make time for yourself as well as friends and family. This could be anything you want – a luxurious afternoon nap, a candle-lit bath or a full body massage.

It doesn’t have to take the whole day, but it will feel more indulgent than an Easter egg and will mean you go back to work refreshed rather than exhausted!

Cook with the family
As with self-care, the 9-5 can play havoc with home cooking. Often it’s easier to make something simple or reach for leftovers, a ready meal or a takeaway menu. But this weekend, find the time to be really indulgent about what you’re eating. Plan out a gorgeous meal (three courses? Why not!) and cook it from scratch. Get your partner and children involved as a more social activity or, if you’re having lots of people over, arrange a pot luck dinner to take the pressure off you.

We’d recommend trying some new recipes as you may well find a new family favourite.

Get muddy!
As we said, it’s bound to rain and Richmond Park is bound to get muddy. But we say – get out there and embrace it! Pull on some old jeans and work up an appetite. Better yet, don your cycling gear and head out for a day’s adventure. There’s nothing like earning your Sunday roast or the feeling you get when you’re back at home after a hot shower and warming your hands on a mug of tea. We highly recommend it!

What are you up to this Easter weekend – we’d love to hear all about it!