Nicky McClean, Massage Therapist

Nicky McClean, Massage Therapist, always has top tips!

When experiencing pain or discomfort we all know how satisfying it is to relieve a painful area by pressing on it. However, we all also know that it’s not so easy to reach certain areas.

Often, we lean against a wall, using a ball between the wall and the point we’re trying to reach. Annoyingly, the ball isn’t held in position and can easily slip – you might even injure yourself by moving too sharply to catch it!

Try our massage therapist Nicky McClean‘s top tip to provide at home relief:

  • Place the ball in a long sock, stocking or pair of tights.
  • Move the ball into the centre of the leg and tie a knot either side. Leave a length either side of the ball long enough to hold onto.
  • Use these lengths to keep the ball in position as you use it to relieve pressure.

When dealing with pain and discomfort, always be guided by your body. While relieving twinges with this method is fine, if you find yourself in discomfort for more than 48 hours, please call us for an appointment or book in to see your GP.

Booking yourself regular massages can also help relieve aches caused by desk bound work – and are an excellent way of relieving the stress of a working day!

If you would like to see one of our massage therapists, there is someone available throughout the week. Nicky is available Tuesdays and Saturdays. Please drop us an email, call or book online.