Summer is here and we are fully embracing it. This time of year always brings with it a lift in mood and a desire to do more and see more to make the most of the long days and warmer nights.

If you’ve been thinking about something you’d like to have a go at for a while, summer is the perfect time to do it…

Get creative
Been thinking taking up a new creative hobby? Maybe you’ve seen a notice for a writing workshop or have been envious of a friend’s adventures in pottery making. Sign up! Book that class! While your energy is high, you’ll feel unstoppable and this time of year is usually so busy that you won’t have time to worry about not being good enough so you will enjoy it much more.

Get active
Switch up your gym routine. If you’re going to be inside on a sunny day, make it really worth your while. Sign up to all your favourite classes – and add a couple of extras that have caught your eye over the last couple of months. If you’d really rather be outside (and who can blame you?) check out local teams in your area. Maybe now is the time to take up netball or football or even sign up for tennis classes.

Make a change
If you’re looking to tackle a bad habit – start now. Summer is often a time of high spirits and energy, we’re out so much more that you can more easily distract yourself from whatever bad habit you’re trying to break. If you’re struggling though – for example, if you’re trying to quit smoking and are spending your summer around smokers, our hypnotherapist Jean Luc Lafitte can give you that extra boost.

Refresh your wardrobe
Now is a good time to invest in your work out wardrobe if you’re a fitness junkie. Go for things that allow your skin to breathe and won’t allow you to overheat. Richmond has a wealth of great fitness stores to help you.

Even if you’re not someone that requires a whole extra wardrobe for your gym gear, you can also treat yourself to something new. Try a new style or shape that you don’t normally wear. You might surprise yourself and find a new wardrobe staple.

Notice your body
Be indulgent this summer. Head outside to eat your lunch (nutritional therapist Julie Deeks can help you create delicious packed lunches and more), leave work on time to treat yourself to a massagebook in to get that neck pain dealt with at last. Don’t let any physical niggles hold you back this summer!